Thursday, 14 February 2008

Local council pay psychic to evict ghost from house

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This is truly unbelievable. Easington Council in County Durham have paid half of a £120 fee for a psychic to "exorcise a supposed poltergeist" from one of its council houses.

The occupants, the Fallon family, had reported banging in the loft, items flying across rooms and doors slamming in their faces. They had the police round to have a look and, unsurprisingly given their tendency to investigate and detect things that have actually happened, they found nothing. So the Fallons hired the services of psychic Suzanne Hadwin and asked the council to pick up the bill.

Easington Council agreed to pay half the £120 fee, which they have justified by saying it amounts to much less than they would have had to pay to house the Fallons, who had insisted they would leave if the "ghost" remained, in emergency accommodation. A spokeswoman for the council defended the action, saying: "This is the first time we have had to take such a measure. However, the tenants were extremely distressed at the time and we therefore believed it was the most appropriate course of action."

It seems that on her way to the bank the psychic found time, between the fits of laughing, to talk to local paper the Sunderland Echo, telling them that she had "used her Russian spirit guide and some angels to help rid the property of evil, which she said was linked to the murder of a woman in the house years earlier".

Now, if this was my local council I'd be completely outraged by this. Not sure what I'd do mind, but I'd at least send a sternly worded email or something. If there are any readers who live within Easington Council, I urge you to do something and let us know by commenting on this post.


Psychodiva said...

Unbelievable! I hope peopel who live in that area are asking for their council tax to be reduced if that is what the council are using it for!
They have opened the door for all the charlatans in the area to get money out of them now.

Les said...

I think the tv evangelists are the scum of the earth, whether you beleive in any kind of god or not. Those are the scum we need to get rid of