Tuesday, 22 January 2008

UK police hand out Scientology booklets in schools

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This weekend's Sunday Times reported that police officers in Britain have been handing school children material produced by the Church of Scientology as part of efforts to discourage drug use.

The paper says that officers from the Metropolitan Police have attended meetings in the South East organised by the Church, aimed at establishing links with "community leaders". At these, representatives of Scientology briefed the police about its "Say No to Drugs" campaign and handed out information packs.

During school visits, police have been distributing booklets on behalf of Say No to Drugs which praise Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, describe not just illegal drugs, but prescription drugs, as poison, and recommend controversial Scientology-linked charity Narconon as the best way to recover from drug addiction. The Sunday Times says a million of these booklets are distributed every year.

Anyone who is undecided as to whether they want their children to receive life advice from Scientology should probably watch the information video below, which has recently resurfaced after someone managed to record it on a hand-held camera while watching it at a Scientology introductory session. Just watch the presenter towards the end of the clip, when the guy's telling him about the US government and mind control. If you ask me, not even he looks convinced, and he's supposed to be selling it...


Anonymous said...

Has anyone scanned these booklets and put them online? I'd love to see what they consist of.

British Patriot said...

Try this then pass on the link to three (or more) people askinmgh them to do the same.
Put the Kettle on, its a Two Hour Documentary.