Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Scottish Christians fear pagan summer camp

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In yet another clash between Christianity and Paganism, Ekklesia reports on the reservations held by some Christians towards a three-day pagan gathering to be held in north-east Scotland this summer.

The Pagan Federation plans to hold its first ever summer camp this July in Inchberry near Fochabers, an event which will be open to "all witches, druids, shaman and other pagans of good". It will feature an "opening ritual", workshops, talks and, according to organiser Joanne Campbell, opportunities for pagans "to get together and socialise with friends and like-minded people".

All sounds pretty harmless, you might think? Not so, says Rev Graham Swanson of nearby Elgin Baptist Church: "I have grave concerns and reservations about this event taking place. As a Christian I believe the Bible warns us about dabbling in such things as witchcraft."

Oooh, scary.


Stew said...

My first instinct was "silly people in feqr of other silly people"
And then I thought perhaps Pagans aren't so bad...they're not CHristian and that is surely a point in their favour?
But a quick look at the Pagan Federation web page: and it turns out they are very silly indeed.