Monday, 21 January 2008

Prince Charles fond of "proper fundamentalism"

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Yesterday's Sunday Telegraph was kind enough to draw our attention to a previously private letter in which Prince Charles expressed his favourable views towards religious fundamentalism.

Writing in 1996 to Mahathir Mohamad, the then prime minister of Malaysia who later expressed the view that Jews "rule the world by proxy", Charles said he understood the "frustrations" Muslims experience "as a result of apparent Western misunderstanding and misrepresentation. I have, for a long time, despaired of the ignorant and thoroughly evil 'role' of the tabloid media in deliberately misrepresenting Islam and reducing everything to the level of the absurd."

He followed this up by declaring that he saw the appeal of "proper fundamentalism" in "a world, in my part of it at any rate, which is increasingly without meaning, without roots, without a spiritual dimension and which worships the God of Technology."

The letter ends with the words "There is much to be done", which only serves to make one thankful that Charles isn't actually in a position to do anything.


N 'Man O' Rage' R said...

God of technology? Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the earth?

Charles is the prince of loonies and also a big advocate of wooery. I wouldnt take anything he says seriously.

Just hope that he doesnt take the throne. That will be an embarrasment big enough for me to migrate to far away climes.

The Hogfather said...

What a embarassment- "Proper fundamentalism"!!!

The bloke is completely crackers!!!!

Strappado said...

Was the bombs in London proper enough for him?