Thursday, 24 January 2008

Dawkins proclaimed the Messiah

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Last week the New Humanist sports desk (which may or may not exist) got all excited about the appointment of Kevin Keegan as the new Newcastle manager and decided to run a poll asking who the Messiah really is. The results, from 715 votes, were as follows:

Kevin Keegan – 5%
Jesus of Nazareth – 7%
Brian – 33%
Fabio Capello – 3%
Wayne Bent – 0%
Richard Dawkins – 40%
Alan Shearer – 2%
David Icke – 6%
Tom Cruise – 11%

So there you have it. The true Messiah is an arch-rationalist biologist who wouldn't even dream of entertaining the notion of things like Messiahs, closely followed by a character from a 1970s comedy film whose mother assured us he most certainly wasn't the Messiah. Newcastle fans will be disappointed to see that Keegan was narrowly beaten by Jesus Christ, but even he was unable to surpass Tom Cruise. To be honest I'm not even sure what Cruise was doing on there – isn't he just a regular Hollywood actor?