Monday, 7 January 2008

Church of England Ltd: Independent financial and spiritual advice

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Ever conscious of its waning influence in the religious sphere, the Church of England has turned its attention to more worldly matters, launching a campaign to advise people on how to handle spiralling debt.

The campaign document "A Matter of Life and Debt" (see what they've done there) includes a ten-point check list aimed at alerting people to signs that they may be spending more than they can afford. The BBC describes the document as "a combination of practical tips with some reassuring prayers and biblical guidance".

So, while Catholics pray to rid their religion of paedophile priests (see below), it seems Anglicans will set about praying to get themselves out of the red. Not that they're stopping there – the document also contains a prayer "for a just and lasting solution" to international debt.


David said...

I am immediately going to start to pray for the health of my bank account. Why stop at clearing debts?

Seriously though this is a good illustration of how the Church masks its silliness by attaching it to a concern/experience a lot of people share.

Paul Sims said...

Perhaps the C of E could start advertising its debt consolidation service on obscure daytime satellite channels?