Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"Anonymous" group plans day of protest against Scientology

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A group calling itself "Anonymous" has been waging an internet war against the Church of Scientology and, to prove it is more than just a group of computer hackers, has called for a day of protests outside Scientology centres across the world on Sunday 10 February.

The group has been posting videos on YouTube attacking the Church, as well as launching hacking attacks on Scientology websites.

In the latest video, a computerised voice assures viewers that "Anonymous" is not a "group of super-hackers":

“Among our numbers you will find individuals from all walks of life–lawyers, parents, IT professionals, members of law enforcement, college students, veterinary technicians and more. Anonymous is everyone and everywhere. We have no leaders, no single entity directing us…”


cinnamonbite said...

Hey, good for them but the rumor in Clearwater has always been that they have rifles up there on the roof of the building at all times. Sure, it's creepy to see a large amount of crazy uniformed cult members the streets acting like normal people. It's creeper still to think that they're crazy AND armed and have been waiting years for the excuse to shoot.

Anonymous said...

im not from florida but let them shoot. a few anons may loose their lifes but the past has shown that cults cant stand up to the swat team....