Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ad featuring lustful nuns and naked man offends Catholics

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Catholics in Boston have taken offence to a gym advertisement that depicts a group of feisty nuns admiring a naked man in a life drawing class.

According to the Boston Herald the advert, which runs in the latest issue of Boston magazine, "depicts heavily made-up nuns, in habits, sketching a physically fit man, shown from behind. One of the lustful-looking sisters is depicted with her habit hitched up."

A list of offended organisations includes the Catholic League, the Archdiocese of Boston and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, and reactions from offended individuals include "Disgusting" and "Disgraceful".

I managed to track down a pic of the ad which you can view here, but to accompany this post I preferred the Boston Herald's photo of South Boston resident Isabelle Paull seeing the ad and looking all offended. Her opinion? "It's wrong".


maxi said...

Hoooeeeee, now that is fitness! I want one, NOW!

Anonymous said...

how can a beautiful body be "offensive"???

how silly