Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Robin Ince takes on Vanessa Feltz and Stephen Green

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Our latest web exclusive offering comes from stand-up comedian Robin Ince, who recounts the infuriating experience of "debating" the "de-Christianisation" of Christmas with Vanessa Feltz, Nick Ferarri and Stephen Green (he of the delightful Christian Voice) on an ITV talk show.

Personally I could think of few things worse than debating with Vanessa Feltz (if anyone out there wishes to torture me, you could do worse than force me to listen to her radio show), so full credit to Robin for even managing to get through it. As you'll see from his piece, he's slightly annoyed with himself for losing his temper with these people, but you can hardly blame him when he was faced with the likes of Feltz and Green spouting unsubstantiated nonsense about secularists and PC liberals ruining Christmas.

With that in mind, I'm off to protest against the indoctrination of children through use of the traditional school nativity...


harangutan said...

Robin, you have my sympathy. I recently had a similar experience on a BBC programme (mercifully, radio rather than tv!), debating assisted suicide. Having presented what I thought was a lucid & rational argument at the outset, I too was reduced to incoherent spluttering by some absurd ad hominem comments from religious pro-lifers.

Apparently, to take but one example, 'the sort of people' who support assisted suicide 'don't believe in love'.

I think part of the difficulty is the near-impossibility of responding to such emotive nonsense in any sensible terms, but with hindsight, I'm sorry they dragged me away from the 'high ground' of reason.

Still, on the bright side ... you got to meet the lovely Konnie H!