Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Bad Faith Awards: Vote for the winner now

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After months of nominations, the time has finally come to decide who walks away with the coveted 2007 New Humanist Bad Faith Award.

To help you decide who will be crowned 2007's most scurrilous enemy of reason we've pulled together a shortlist of 10 runners and riders. Have a read, follow the links for more information on the nonsense they've been spouting, then place your vote in the poll at the top right of this page:
  • Chuck Norris: These days the martial arts legend seems to spend less time cracking skulls and more time lamenting the moral decline of Western civilisation. His weekly column on conservative Christian website WorldNetDaily is a goldmine of evangelical rantings, and his Bad Faith nomination comes by way of his declaration that if he was US President he would "tattoo an American flag with the words 'In God we trust' on the forehead of every atheist".
  • The Bishop of Carlisle: This Cumbrian prelate shot to fame when he suggested this summer's floods were God's punishment for Britain's liberal attitude to homosexuality.
  • Richard Dawkins: One heretic New Humanist reader even put forward rationalism's very own Dawkins, for turning "the 19th century's doubting of religious dogma into another kind of dogma". The cheek...
  • Westboro Baptist Church: That delightful bunch who picket the funerals of US soldiers killed in Iraq, displaying such tactful signs as "God hates fags" and "God blew up the troops".
  • Archbishop Francisco Chimoio: Head of the Catholic Church in Mozambique who claims some European-made condoms are deliberately infected with HIV in order to quickly finish off the African people.
  • Dinesh D'Souza: Conservative author who said the following about the Virginia Tech massacre: "Notice something interesting about the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings? Atheists are nowhere to be found".
  • General Sir Richard Dannatt: Chief of the General Staff, and self professed evangelical, who said: "In my business, asking people to risk their lives is part of the job, but doing so without giving them the chance to understand that there is a life after death is something of a betrayal".
  • Pope Benedict XVI: Clearly the bookies' favourite. Perhaps he should be excluded to give the rest a chance?
So there we have it. The poll is open until 16 December, and the winner will be announced in the January/February issue of New Humanist.


Psychodiva said...

could we possibly tattoo E=MC2 on Chuck Norris' forehead?
also- not sure the bishops and pope should be put up for awards when they just do and say the same thing all the time- I thinkthe awards should be reserved for particular stupidness :)

Anonymous said...

What a choice!
WHY can´t I vote for all?

Alabasterocean said...


There is many good candidates to vote for but if you think about it the cardinal and the HIV condoms most be the worse. Sending soldiers telling them dying is not that much of a deal is stupid but to spreed such a stupid idea that condoms, the life savers, are indeed dangerous, that they are infected by HIV, is murder. That is probably mass murder. S'Souza's pathetic remark is nothing. Chuck Norris remark is nothing compared to the cardinal that, if not putting forth sufficient evidence, should be put in front of a court for mongering lies that actually kill humans. Well, the first in line of Catholics who rather kill then help you when i comes to condom use and the spread of the HIV virus. And if Dawkins spreed another kind of dogma it might be because he feels that we should be angry by the inhuman and murderous ideas of the fairy tail churches that just cant understand then idea of loving dy neighbor and the concept of goodness and sympathy. Was the anti Nazi movement just another kind of dogma?

Tom Rees said...

Gen Dannatt gets my vote - you expect priests and evangelists to say nutty things about religion. But he's abusing his position of power.

ollie said...

Oh, no way to make Mike Huckabee a choice? Awww...

Alabasterocean ( said...

Error: this is what happens if you start thinking 3sec after you get out of bed. It is suppose to be "Archbishop Francisco Chimoio" not the cardinal. My mistake. All the excuses to the cardinal. Fair is fair.

And the Nazi comparison is a bit hard and to much of a cliché. What about people who strongly object to the killing of homosexuals? Well that won't work either for my favorite audience. What about the dogmatists that strongly object to the burning of churches and killing of Christians due to the Muhammad caricatures? It's not dogma to strongly oppose any attitude that is mere beliefs and attitude towards phenomenon, especially when it leads to harmful actions to those who don't agree whit you. Or those poor people that think you are there to help them who die because your beliefs. Life is more important then ideas about dressing you penis in rubber or not: to really address the issue. It's abbot tolerance and intolerance towards the intolerant. In this way I hope to make everyone a dogmatist.

This "non" dogmatic view of religious harm (killing and molesting) need to be stopped, (and i quote Mr Hitchens) "were is you priority's lady's and gentlemen?"

Thats all. lets vote for this guy and then send the pole result to every major newspaper in the world. It's a concrete criticisms, it's a deed that need to be addressed and stopped.

Thank you

Haunted said...

Plee more people vote for Gen Dannett. I know alot of crap gets spouted from everyone on the list but this guy is in too powerful a position to be trusted given his personal delusion.

Dr Benway said...

Rumor has it D'Souza's publisher is stuffing the ballot box in his favor.

DCPirana said...

Alabasterocean is right. While I was initially tempted to vote for Norris or D'Souza, Cardinal Chimoio's lies are lies not only at their most despicable, but at their most dangerous. This is a man who would rather see men, women and children suffer and die from AIDS than think that sperm were leaving a man's body without a hope of impregnating a woman. Because God knows we don't have nearly enough humans on this planet.

Bob said...

If only we were allowed to vote for our top 3, the pope would win easily! Though I think that lying about condoms is the worst because it affects everyone in that country, catholics and non-catholics alike, so that AIDS is spread even faster. What a grade A *%^*.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the Chuck Norris who made his money off a disipline developed by a pagan culture?

I think in terms of audience and thus damaging influence Herr Joseph Ratzinger wins it by a mile.

HeathenAngel said...

I never have like UPChuck Norris. He's such a phony. This just further demonstrates it.

Anonymous said...

Wot no Sudanese Justice System?

alltruism said...

Having Richard Dawkins on this list is somewhat ridiculous as he's done a lot of work to expose the perils of the acts bad faith leads to

dreamweaver said...

Westboro Baptist - and the whole nest of rats there - should be excluded from the vote. They exist to provide a point of comparison to rational thought and compassion, and never fail to overshoot that mark. Because they're so over-the-top, they do not merit consideration - in fact, I think they would delight in their nomination.

Anonymous said...


He (Herr Ratzinger) says it (atheism) is responsible for some of the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice" in history. He adds "man needs God, otherwise he remains without hope".

Firstly I am going to grant Herr Ratzinger this. He has a calculating intelligence and is completely knowledgeable in terms of the history of the catholic church.

If that be true then the man is a monumental liar.

After much reading on the subject I have come to the conclusion that the catholic church limited is by far and away the most anti-human organisation in the history of mankind.

And when Herr Ratzinger makes statements like the one above he is fully aware of that as he is also fully aware of the depth of ignorance of that history that his organisation inculcates in what he claims to be his "flock". That's why organised religionism will never let go of schools

Then we have Stalin and Hitler.
(For a Zip history of Jewish persecution follow the link below)

Jewish persecution was invented by christianity. One pope after the other made it law and on their breath it was carried to Hitler.(see link above)

Stalin was a pope. All his actions, methods, and modus operandi were originated and invented by a long series of popes and continue right up to the present one. A pope is a dictator.

A great tactical mistake that the rational have made is not putting to bed the absurd idea that Hitler and Stalin are on one side of the equation and organised religionism is on the other. They are both one and the same. Same animal, same predator, same hatred of humanity.

Which brings me to another of the rationalist's great tactical mistakes: the rationalist should not be fighting this ghost called "god". A "god" is not the problem. The problem is not anyone who thinks they are talking to some ghost when they are really talking to themselves. Lots of children have imaginary friends.

The problem is organised religionism:
A set of irrational dogmatic beliefs based on little or no factual evidence, perpetuated by coercion, lies and brainwashing from childhood, rigidly enforced and centrally controlled in order to maintain power.

All the popes, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Hitler and Stalin fall into the same category.

But none of these single one life length power mongers can match for sheer scale the lies, the unfathomable harm of innocents, the persecutions, the murders, the campaigns of torture, the irrational pronouncements, the monumental hypocrisy, the anti human hatred or the retardation of scientific and social progress that which has and continues to be thrust on humanity by the catholic church limited.

The extent to which we have been retarded by the popes can never be matched. The papacy and the exercise of its inordinate power formed the blueprint for the Hitlers and Stalins that followed. It hasn't stopped.


Anonymous said...

The Westboro Baptist church should be nominated for a "promoting atheism" award. They do more to ridicule and discredit religion than a bus full of freethinkers XD

Joshua Stein said...

I'm going with D'Souza. Just watched his debate with Christopher Hitchens and his inability to be right made me feel bad for all of the world's Christians looking for a hero in the era of rising atheism.

Heathen Dan said...

Archbishop Francisco Chimoio is pure evil. As a previous commenter noted:

This is a man who would rather see men, women and children suffer and die from AIDS than think that sperm were leaving a man's body without a hope of impregnating a woman. Because God knows we don't have nearly enough humans on this planet.

Strappado said...

Why no Muslims? Any of the nominees will be able to say that this is typical leftist bias because after all, none of them are anywhere near the Muslims in terms of religious conservativism.

I for one would have wanted to see Qaradawi on the list.

Having said that, I voted for D'Souza because he's such a prick. Chuck Norris just doesn't know better.

dublinstreams said...

you missed out nominating archbishop sean brady who criticised the superstition of astrology at the pulpit of the church at the shrine knock mayo place of supposed vision of the virgin mary.???

Anonymous said...

Well I wanted to say Chuck Norris for being a stupid douchebag, but Westboro Baptist actually has the balls to protest somebody's funeral. Chuck Norris just uses controversy to attract readers. WBC for the anti-win.