Wednesday, 12 December 2007

AC Grayling blasts back at Theodore Dalrymple's attack on the New Atheists

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In the latest addition to our web-exclusive articles, regular New Humanist contributor AC Grayling has penned a response to Theodore Dalrymple's attack on the New Atheists from the autumn edition of the City Journal.

In his article Dalrymple (the pen name of the retired prison doctor and psychiatrist Anthony Daniels) accuses the New Atheists – among whom he includes Grayling – of failing to say anything new, and of underestimating the role of religion in culture and morality.

In his response, Grayling refutes Dalrymple's criticisms, arguing that "where we are now in historical terms owes far more to the struggle against religion than to the very nice [religious] music, buildings and paintings which jointly seem to exhaust Mr Dalrymple's idea of civilisation."

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George said...

I Like Grayling - he's a good advocate for the side of reason (see also his response to John Gray). But am I the only one who finds some of his writing somewhat unnecessarily convoluted?

Hugh Caldwell said...

He's a philosopher.