Wednesday, 5 December 2007

15-year-old girl lured into "vampire" cult

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A 15-year-old child prodigy studying at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri, was drawn into an underground cult of "vampires" as she struggled to fit into her new environment, a local newspaper reports.

LaCallia Wiggins was approached in August by a group who told her she'd been a vampire queen in a past life – a fact they could deduce from the shape of her ears. They told her they just needed to awaken her and she could be a queen again.

Over the next two months she hung out with the group – mostly composed of teenagers, but led by a man in his 20s – in their underground hideout, where they cut themselves, drank each other's blood and sucked each other's wounds. They also discussed an impending battle between good and evil.

On Halloween LaCallia was reported missing by her mother, having run away from home that morning. When she was found by police that evening, she said she was off to Springfield cemetery for her "awakening" ceremony: "You have to drink the blood of a vampire and they have to drink your blood".

On returning home she hissed at her mother and stepfather, calling them "humans", as well as hissing at the family dog. The newspaper reports that she has since calmed down and has been seeing a counsellor. However, LaCallia will not sleep with the light off and says she was received death threats from the vampires warning her that her tongue will be cut out.

While local police say they haven't noticed a problem with such a group in the area, the newspaper says that many elements of the girl's story check out. For instance, there is evidence of a dwelling in the drainage tunnel where LaCallia claims the vampires gathered.


Pete Moss said...

What she needs now is some faith-based counselling to get her back on her feet and ready to accept Jesus Christ as her personal saviour.
Then she'll be ready share the joy of the eucharist and drink the blood of Christ!

Daniel Larsson said...

Nothing like blowing it all out of proportions!

EVERYONE I have ever met within occult, Vampirism etc would NEVER let a minor play!

I call BS!

Anonymous said...

this is more widespread than we think

Lala said...

wow, its sad how many people believe the bible word for word. Tho u know shes worshiping her god as u once did yours!!!! you cant deny it!!!! She may be drinking the blood herself but you once drank blood as well. Your religion is only more accepted because its more a wide spread brain wash then a small brain wash!!!! its still brainwash, yours is more harmful how ever 'cause its to the masses rather then a few. Your religion has wars in its name!!!! hers has harmed none but the willing!!!! Your most people have been forced to believe. You deny people free access to your churches when they deny none. You people are a bunch of fucking hypocrites.You believe every word in the bible was written by the hand of god. When that is far from the truth it was written by a bunch of biest HUMANS!!!! Then it was mistranslated, and fucked with to plz one damn king, then mistranslated again and again!!!! so how much of the bible can we say is true and how much of it is streached!!!!! Look leave the poor girl alone, and dont force your religion on her!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA......and now she thinks that the hit has been called off. There is a bunch of bullshit. There are still a bunch of people after her. I'm not one of them. But still. I think its funny that shes going to find out what happens to a snitch.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, none of you have a clue what you are talking about considering that i know her mom because she was my substitute teacher. Like mother like daughter is all i have to say. they are both psychos and they should both be institutionalized and that has nothing to do with forcing religion on someone!

Anonymous said...

you dont know whats out therer do you?

tanasra said...

Problem today is too many people "think" Vampirism is a Game. Drinking blood comes from the movies. Besides which a true vampire "chooses" his victim/host with special-care. The true-race rarely reveal themselves and certainly not to young fools, maquerading as Vampires. I have studied many Occult cases and experienced/encountered Demonic-possession. But if you want to play with "real-fire" then you will be burnt.

Anonymous said...

has any of you ever wondered what is out there people think aliens but i think much worse maybe vampires are real thats my oppinion and to be honest i would love to be one think of the life.
ask yorself this when you get a cut do you wipe you finger over it and then put it in you mouth or do you just plain suck the wound i have and still do blood can do a lot of thimgs for you and at the end of the day they could exist you dont no if they dont and tbf i dont no if they do just ask yourself what would it be like to be a vampire to be with the one you love forever infact no for all iternity.

Fuzzy Panda said...

Can you believe that happened in *My*city?! XD God, I love it here.

Anonymous said...

You dont understand that this war that has been arising is only just about to begin

Anonymous said...

I think none of you have a clue including the other anonymous maybe you should all just check into the whole vampire thing its not as bad as you think all you bible bangers need to stfu you dont have a clue what its like being a vampire its much better than you think and I do not know by personal experience just by others around me I think it would be great to be one with the one i love but the only way she could be with me is if she was one you cant marry outside your sect

Anonymous said...

say i know im late but let me tell all u people who thinks ur life is perfect something u dont know my lil cousin may u need to check ur own closet before u try to talk about my family and to the person who said there are people after my cousin touch her an find out what happens to all u fake vampires u think they're phsycos u havent met their crazy ex con cousin from louisiana

Anonymous said...

u r all weird..... vampires are not real lol and anyone who is willing to hurt a young girl to fulfill their idiotic sick fantasies needs to go to jail. you can play your sick little games with some of the other crazies away from innocent "SANE" people.

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

i wish i was a vampire! i think thier so cool idk why i just have every since i was 5 that the age i first watched a vampire movie and was hooked i'm 13 now and still love them!

alex said...

i believe in vampire i think thier cool i wish i was one! i love them thier so cool! my mom says a 13 year old girl like me should not believe in vampires thier fake! wat eve thier so total real mom dont u read the news and just look at the internet duh! get real mom! and face it i love vampires and i hope to become one!

Anonymous said...

There's no proof that they are real, but there's no proof that they aren't...Some say that the first vamp was Lilith in others stories Jude the Iscariot is coming in too place as the first of the undead etc etc Do some research I don't have time to tell different versions. On the other hand,study the bible there's something interesting to read there and maybe that is the incontestable proof as it is a sacred book and God tell's to human kind of what to watch out for! I'm sorry for the girl,but maybe some sense put back in too her head wouldn't hurt,they are psycho's out there so be careful in the future!You never know what their true intentions are and don't trust strangers just like that!This makes think that some of this kid's are really missing something in their day to day life and they are searching for something to make them feel special.Just remember that everyone is special in their own way there's no need to pretend that you are something that you aren't.Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you people are crazy. Psychos try to molest little girl is the story and we're having a debate about religion? She doesn't need faith-based counseling but maybe a little reality-based counseling wouldn't hurt.

Shini Insanity said...

My my.. people these days really know nothing.. and why cant people just keep the jesus crap out of it...

Let people do what they wanne do, and even if its like that girl going with some kindred to become a queen.. let it be...

Cavarest said...

I am a Vampire.
I worship my ego and I worship my life, for I am the only God that is.
I am proud that I am a predatory animal and I honor my animal instincts.
I exalt my rational mind and hold no belief that is in defiance of reason.
I recognize the difference between the worlds of truth and fantasy.
I acknowledge the fact that survival is the highest law.
I acknowledge the Powers of Darkness to be hidden natural laws
through which I work my magic.
I know that my beliefs in Ritual are fantasy but the magic is real,
and I respect and acknowledge the results of my magic.
I realize there is no heaven as there is no hell,
and I view death as the destroyer of life.
Therefore I will make the most of life here and now.
I am a Vampire.
Bow down before me.

I am your Inmost Self.
I gaze out upon the world of colored lights from the Darkness behind your eyes.
I reach out through your hands and touch The soft pleasures of the living world.
I am the most Ancient One, the Creator of the Gods.
I am the Changing and Changeless One.
And whenever you look into the eyes of another, look closely for I Gaze back at you!
I am the Source of All That Is!
He who recognizes Me as his own Self becomes also the Source
And is, in Truth, a Sorcerer.
He who allows the flow of My Being To Writhe through the sinews of his body,
to Touch and Change All in accordance with his Will, Is, in Truth, a Magician.
And My Dragon Magic is sweet for I Grant you your Wishes.
In what you call dreams, I Gather My Forces.
In what you call reality, I Stage My Dreams.
I Grant to all who seek My Being and My Power the Right to seek their own Pleasures!
I am the True God, the One God, the Only God Which Is.
I am you just as you are Me.
Behold, My Symbol is the Mirror!
And know well My Name for by honoring It in all your Actions you will
be, and remain worthy of My Dragon Magic.

wendelman said...

Haha. Just happened to come across this story and while that is a sad thing, u kids who believe you are "vampires" are freaking hilarious. Weirdos.

Anonymous said...

You Vampire Lovers Suck...Literally. Especially Now as Beelzebub is alive and is killing them by the hour even if you are a vampire or claim to be one. Your time is numbered as we all no. Beelzebub is a prideful sociopath and shares power w no one. So all you esteemed Vamps blabbing on the internet ....the Dark Hour, Beelzebub Hour has Come. He is watching and waiting and pissed off at all the attraction the Vamps have gotten, especially from the you and misguided school girls he so loves to corrupt.

Anonymous said...

she is telluing no lie

Johnny said...

It's so easy to believe the impossible when you've heard it all of your life. When I was a kid, I was told that life and death are both everlasting. That blew my mind. When was a teenager my fagile mind believed in vampires and I wanted to be one. When I was eighteen I finally got a grip on myself. I almost lost my mind. Just remember, life is to short for all of that doom and gloom. But what ever makes you happy is all you. Love yourself and have a good life.

Anonymous said...

Wow weird story and I dont think any of u vamp luvers can become vamps unless u were born 1 sry if it makes u sad

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but all of the vampire crap is dum. Apprently she needed friends but really? Lol i just moved here and stuff and im not doing any of that dum stuff. all i have to say is that mabye we shld pray for all of those people who are lonly and help the crazy to not be crazy?