Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Comedy night featuring Robin Ince, Josie Long and more

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For those of you in London, our friend Robin Ince has just informed us of a new comedy night taking place on Wednesday 28 November at The Albany pub on Great Portland Street. In Robin's words:

"The School For Gifted Children will be a night of people enthusing about things they have found out about dinosaurs, nebulae, wig powder and that sort of thing, and some of it will be in song. It should be the best lecture you have ever been to, but all splintered and haphazard. It’s for people who like watching documentaries about ants with odd behaviour, books about rebellious librarians and who enjoy the idea of enthusiasm."

The first night features Josie Long, Ben Moor, Martin White, Darren Hayman, Dan Atkinson, Simon Munnery, Helen Zaltzman, Robin Ince and more. It's at The Albany (W1W 5QU) on 28 November, 7.45pm (show 8.15pm). Tickets are £7 and £5.