Thursday, 4 October 2007

What does 'A' stand for...?

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Well, what do we think of Richard Dawkins' Out campaign, encouraging atheists to be out, loud and proud about what they don't believe in (Guardian write-up here)? Judging by the response to the poll on the right I guess a lot of you agree it's a good idea. I'm not so sure, being a committed Marxist, Grouch that is, I have an aversion to joining clubs of any kind, and an even stronger one to T-Shirts with slogans. I'll keep you appraised of the discussion about it, first up Norman Geras who detects a certain... ahem... evangelism in the whole thing. Let us know what you think in the comment section.


SilverTiger said...

If it's a club, perhaps you would like to show me where you join? A club is what it is not. The most "clubby" thing you can do is write to the good folk at 'A' an email saying you have put the Scarlet A on your blog and they will then list it in their blog list.

There is no membership, no sign-up, no list of "members". The most you can do is wear the badge or the tee shirt.

I suppose some religious people might see wearing the badge as "evangelism". Would they also see wearing the fish "evangelism" for their faith? Doesn't "evangelism" imply some sort of positive, aggressive campaigning? Wearing the Scarlet A doesn't oblige you to do that and some atheists are quite capable of behaving aggressively with or without a badge.

Hugh Caldwell said...

Norman Geras is very sensitive to the, obviously true, charge that the Israel lobby is influential in American foreign policy.

"standard piece of contemporary anti-Jewish mythology."

It is in conformity with American foreign policy aims that there should be a destabilizing Jewish state in the Arab world. Most American Zionists are actually fundamentalist Christians.