Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Daily Mail attacks humanist MP

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Well, here's the Daily Mail at its despicable best. Out of nowhere the paper's launched a stunning attack on Liberal Democract MP and prominent secularist Dr Evan Harris, dubbing him "Dr Death" for his support of stem cell research (or in Daily Mail-speak, "embryo experiments"), euthanasia and abortion rights.

Of course, the Daily Mail wouldn't stop at that. They also launch into him for his support of the National Secular Society - "Though of Jewish origin, he is an aggressive secularist, serving on the council of the National Secular Society and attacking anyone - particularly Christians - who allows their faith to influence their attitude towards abortion."

But why stop there? Why not attack Dr Harris personally? Why not hint at a link between Harris's support for abortion rights and the fact that his girlfriend works as press manager for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which provides abortion services.

As if that's not enough, it turns out Harris is also "a difficult loner", "awkward", "charmless", "eccentric", a "nerd", and he lacks "humour" and "social grace".

Unbelievable. Let's just hope Dr Harris takes being attacked by the Mail as a compliment.


maxi said...

Wait! It's not all bad... there are two whole lines hidden in the bulk of the article that praise his intergrity! Honestly, the Daily (Hate) Mail grows more farcical every day. I mean, he wants to relax immigration and increase gay rights... whatever next?!

Demented Clanger said...

How come most of the descriptions of Dr Harris seem to sum up the Daily Mail too? "Awkward", "charmless", "eccentric", lacks "humour" and "social grace"?

Quietzapple said...

Clanger: In psychiatry it is called projection.

The Dully Maul accuses others of faults it recognises in itself.

In view of the nature of that propaganda sheet they were pretty mild surely?