Friday, 12 October 2007

Amis vs Morris

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Padraig Reidy over at Index on Censorship reports on an unlikely little spat that occurred last night between the novelist Martin Amis and the satirist Chris Morris. Amis was appearing alongside the journalist Andrew Anthony at the ICA to discuss the dangers of Islamism, but it was when the floor opened up to questions that things got really interested. Morris weighs in with some arguments of questionable quality – I'll hand you over to Padraig to relay the tale of this heavyweight bout.


Hugh Caldwell said...

Padraig's account of the bout may conceivably be accurate, but to somebody who wasn't there, it does seem very partisan.

Little Atoms said...

Hugh, the report of the events are accurate. My bias may be showing, but I assure you everything I say happened just as I wrote it.

By the way, don't know if you saw this piece I commissioned from your friend Khalil


Hugh Caldwell said...


I've no trouble at all in believing that atheists, humanists, leftists are as idiotic as anybody else. Atheism is not enough, is my slogan.

Nice to see something from Khalil Bendib.

Next thing you can get to work on is the Norman Finkelstein issue. Norman has been booted out of his university job at De Paul, Chicago, as a result of an anti-Semitic-Semitic campaign. What next?

Hugh Caldwell said...

The Norman Finkelstein story is huge. I don't know how much you know about it Padraig, but it's one of the stories of the century.

angus cook said...

Hugh Caldwell
What do you mean by anti-Semitic-Semitic?

Hugh Caldwell said...

"What do you mean by anti-Semitic-Semitic?"

Norman Finkelstein is Jewish. Therefore, attacks on him would be labelled,conventionally, as anti-Semitic. However, since the pro-Semitic lobby views his criticisms of Israel as anti-Semitic, he is the subject of Semitic attacks.

angus cook said...

So you maintain that any criticism of any Jew would conventionally be labelled as antisemitic.
You also maintain that anyone who attacks what they view as antisemitism must be "Semitic".
You're wrong on both counts, but it's good to know what motivates you, and it's certainly not academic freedom or the plight of Palestinians.

Hugh Caldwell said...

"anyone who attacks what they view as antisemitism must be "Semitic"."

Not at all. Racism, however, has its obverse side. Pro-semitism and anti-semitism are two sides of a coin.

Hugh Caldwell said...

Deleted post? Seems somebody got very hot under the collar. This happens with sensitive subjects. But there should be no taboos and relative calm should be possible- if not always easy.

Hugh Caldwell said...

Still there, anonymous, with your commercial spam?