Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Vatican removes all reference to McCanns' visit from website

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When the parents of Madeleine McCann flew out to Rome to visit the Pope, the world's media applauded the couple's unwavering faith and the graciousness of His Holiness in extending his hand to these grief-stricken parents in their time of greatest need. Pope Benedict XVI received Kate and Gerry McCann at the Vatican, blessed them, and assured them they were in his prayers.

You see, God's representative on Earth will always stand by his flock when the greatest tragedy befalls them. Unless, of course, suspicion should fall on them, in which case it becomes necessary to preempt a PR disaster. Apparently ignoring the worldly notion of innocent until proven guilty, the Vatican has removed all mention of the Pope's meeting with the McCanns from its website, just in case. As if it wasn't bad enough having the world's media turn on them amid a sea of speculation and unfounded rumour, the McCanns now seem to have been abandoned by the leader of their own religion. How very Christian of him.


lloydshep said...

Paul - I would have blogged this, but I see your source is a Sunday Mirror columnist. That's almost as questionable as the Bible, man.

GOPHater said...

The pope, I mean come on, a Pope? In 2007 we still believe in Popes? Geez, beam me up.

nick said...
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RM said...

What do you expect? The Pope can't risk being involved in an 'unclear' case where just about everyone is accusing everyone else.
In a world full of prejudiced non-catholics: If he supported the McCanns, he would be accused of 'having organised the whole fraud'. If he withholds his public support, he will be accused of being 'unchristian'.
It's a Heads 'You win', tales 'I lose situation'.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Vatican removed their support after the Praia de Luz priest told them what the McCanns had told him the the confessional.