Wednesday, 26 September 2007

US Anglicans will stop gay ordinations

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Bishops from the US Episcopal Church have agreed to maintain a moratorium on the ordination of gay clergy, raising hopes among Anglicans that their worldwide communion can avoid a devastating split. The agreement came at a six-day crisis meeting of US bishops in New Orleans, the early stages of which was attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

However, the Guardian's religion correspondent Stephen Bates reports that the decision may not be enough to prevent a split. The Bishops have only agreed to continue a moratorium and this does not amount to a permanent commitment. Conservative Anglicans, particularly from African churches, have been calling for the 2.2 million strong US church to be expelled from the communion, and traditionalists in the US are already making plans to set up their own church.


OrneryPest said...

A very, very sad decision. I had hoped our bishops would have had the spine to tell the gay-bashing majority of the Anglican Communion where they can shove their bigotry. The Episcopal parish in which I'm a (nonbelieving) participant is in the search process for a new rector, and now we'll be expected to consider the totally irrelevant factor of whether he (or she) is gay. But hey, as the Resident Atheist of our congregation (or so they call me) what do I know?