Friday, 7 September 2007

Stop press: New Humanist not paying $5000 for articles to people who haven't written any articles

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We've just been alerted to the fact that our name and address is being used in one of those email scams where kindly individuals ask for your bank details so they can give you tidy sums of US dollars.

So if you do get an email from someone claiming to represent New Humanist or the Rationalist Association offering to pay you $5000 for an article you haven't even written, it's probably safe to say it's not us. We may be a charity, but we're not usually in the business of paying people large sums of cash for material that hasn't been submitted to us. Moreover, if we did run a competition for articles (which we have no plans to do), we'd be extremely unlikely to pay $5000 for an unpublished article which came third in the competition that we haven't run. Sorry folks, we're just not that generous.

Here's a copy of the offending email, just so you all know:


I would like to say that your article sent to us as been enlisted as the top best(3rd position)
and we hereby grant the sum of $5000 usd to you of a job well done. I would cordially be glad you
send to us your following details so that that payment can be sent to you.

Phone no(home and mobile):

Carlos Montes

The Rationalist Association Ltd
1, Gower St,