Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Nepalese airline sacrifices goats to fix plane

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With the clock ticking and passengers becoming restless over their broken-down and delayed flight to Hong Kong on Sunday, workers at Kathmandu airport took the only sensible option available to them and sacrificed two goats to Akash Bhairab, the Hindu god of sky protection.

Having consulted the Haynes manual for Boeing 757s under the section "unspecified faults", technicians brought the two goats out on to the runway and slaughtered them in front of the plane. This grisly piece of maintenance seemed to do the trick, as shortly after the plane successfully completed the flight to Hong Kong. Anyone out there with persistent car troubles should be taking notes - just make sure that next time you break down it's next to a farmer's field.

In other sacrificial news, animal rights activists are up in arms following the slaughter of the world's heaviest pig at Taiwan's annual Pig of God festival. The pig had been force fed sand and metal, reaching the horrific weight of 143 stone.


Anonymous said...

I know all religions are very diverse and I'm really just being a bit cheeky but it's funny to note that some Hindus want to protect a sick animal from being slaughtered to please God and another group of Hindus want to kill some (presumably) healthy animals to please God.