Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ex-religious sought for TV documentary

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If any readers are former members of a religion, or are currently going through the process of leaving one, you may be able to help Isabel Cook, a television director currently developing a documentary idea for Channel 4.

The programme will follow one or more people as they take the brave step of leaving their religion, and Isabel is keen to talk to people who've been through or are going through this difficult process. It would be a very sensitive programme - led by the people who take part - and will, hopefully, not only help those involved but be an inspiration to others going through 'deconversion'.

If you have experienced this, Isabel would really like to hear your story. You would be contacting her in complete confidence and by doing so you will in no way be committing yourself to take part in the programme.

You can contact her on leavingmyreligion@yahoo.co.uk


Bill said...

shouldn't it be 'losingmyreligion@'....:-)