Thursday, 27 September 2007

Christian childrenswear warns unbelievers they're going to Hell

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Richard Dawkins' description of religion as child abuse riled a lot of people, but it'd be hard to view dressing children in this delightful range of clothing as anything else.

Sold on Amazon, the T-shirts carry the slogan "If you miss the Rapture, where in Hell will you go?". They're available in both adult and children's sizes, and there's even a baby grow version for parents who want to indoctrinate tots with the fear of God from the moment they enter the world. Follow the link to take a look for yourself. They're even available in pink.

[Cheers to Christina for that one]


Thomas Enever said...

I live in the U.S. and my wife's family are all religious, Catholic and various lapsed versions. To describe religion as child abuse, given there are many young children in the family, would be as offensive as I could be on the subject.

I happen to agree that it could be considered a form of abuse but in this case it really is done with the best of intentions.

On the subject, my wife is pregnant with our first child and she wishes to have the baby christened, which goes against my beliefs but is very important to her. So our compromise will be that she may christen the baby and teach our child about Christianity etc but not take them to church or have them confirmed until they are adults and can make that decision for themselves. I of course, will be able to talk about a humanistic world view etc. Is that child abuse?