Friday, 21 September 2007

A Blues Brother and the Little Green Men

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Here's a great story. In an interview this week with the Guardian to promote his new movie Dan Ackroyd, star of 80s cult comedy musical The Blues Brothers, talks about his belief in UFO sightings and alien abductions. Ackroyd is a "Hollywood consultant" for the Mutual UFO Network, or Mufon, and believes their website definitively answers the question of whether extraterrestrials have visited this planet. He believes there may be alien/human hybrids walking among us, and thinks some aliens with "malevolent purposes" may be "taking cows' lips and anuses for delicacies".

Perhaps even more bizarre than Ackroyd's conviction that aliens have visited is his reason for believing this. You see, he thinks it was "presumptuous" for humanity to abandon the idea that our planet is the centre of the Universe, and subscribes to the idea that aliens visit us precisely because we are the centre of the Universe: "They're visiting because this is the planet that produced Picasso, the atom bomb, penicillin. . . there are so many advances in science, art and culture."

But surely, asks the interviewer, they are more advanced than us if they are able to travel here? Not to worry, Ackroyd has the answer to this: "Oh, they have technology better than ours, but they didn't paint like Renoir, they don't dance like Mick Jagger, they don't write like Samuel Johnson or William Faulkner. They are envious of us. We have the most beautiful planet – the Rockies, the purple fields of the United States, the Lake District, the Pyrenees, the turquoise seas of the tropics. They don't have that. They may have gelatinous pools and they've got the technology to flip from planet to planet or dimension to dimension but, you know, Keith Richards didn't come from there."

I don't know about anyone else, but I love the idea of aliens coming to Earth just to see Mick and Keef.


SilverTiger said...

How otherwise apparently sane and intelligent people can come out with such tosh is beyond my comprehension.

It is interesting in that it demonstrates that religions are not the only aberrant belief systems, though I suppose some people would classify this nonsense as a kind of religion.

Anonymous said...

The above comment is obviously from someone living under a rock, or just watching the tripe doled out on the boob tube. Wake up, idiots of the world. This is REALLY HAPPENING!

Anonymous said...

He's nuts.

Richard said...

Well, Dan Ackroyd is not an alien, but he played on on TV. Remember the Coneheads?

I think he just shows how fine the line is between brilliance and insanity.

KeaponLaffin said...

I think it was David Brin who mentioned it in The Otherness..I don't think he was the 1st to think of it..but basically....

Yea, we do have visiting aliens. But they're generally teenage joy-riding jerks.(heavily paraphrased)

So, under that philosophy. I'd have to agree with Dan ;) They really are coming here for the pop music. We're really good at cosmetic surgery too. I mean, an earring or tattoo is one thing, but coming home to Mom looking like a different SPECIES!?! That would really piss her off.

Rick Miller said...

He's obviously been doing too many drugs.