Tuesday, 7 August 2007

US generals under fire for evangelising in the line of duty

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Seven US military officers, including four generals, have been found guilty of misconduct for appearing in an evangelical video while in uniform three years ago. Members of the US military are banned from seeking converts on active duty, and there is little doubt this was the aim when the seven appeared in a promotional video for Christian Embassy, an outreach group of evangelical body Campus Crusade for Christ.

As CNN's report points out (watch the video at the bottom of the linked-to page), this is particularly embarrassing for America given the fact that it has long been at pains to stress the War on Terror is not a crusade against Islam.

Ruling that the officers were "inappropriately offering support for the religious organisation while appearing to operate within the scope of their official government duties", the Defence Department's Inspector General has recommended that the Air Force and Army take unspecified "corrective action" against the men.