Thursday, 9 August 2007

"Jesus was gay" claims Ulster LGBT activist

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If you really wanted to enrage the more conservative elements of Northern Ireland's Christian communities, it'd be hard to think of a more effective way than this. PA MacLochlainn, a Christian and gay rights activist, this week told BBC Radio Ulster he had reached the conclusion that Jesus was a homosexual: "I believe that a 33-year-old unmarried rabbi living in Israel, in the time that he was living and having a favourite friend among the apostles called John, was quite clearly a gay man," he said.

His comments were prompted by a row over a banner displayed at last weekend's Belfast Pride event, which read "Jesus was a fag". Inevitably the banner provoked outcry from certain elements in the religious community, in particular Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church. The Church holds a yearly protest march against Belfast Pride, which it delightfully terms a "celebration of sodomy".

In the July/August issue of New Humanist Newton Emerson reported how Ulster's gay rights debate had taken on a surprisingly secular character. This latest row perhaps shows that the old religious conservatism is never too far from the surface.


Laurence Boyce said...

Bloody hell! Brings a whole new meaning to, "get behind me Satan." Fnarr, fnarr.

Matt Wardman said...

So. Single men with close friends called John in their 30s are gay if the environment is not "gay friendly" - and (based on all the campaigning claims) that would cover our society.

That would be me then - although I'm just over 40. Better dump the girlfriend and discover my true sexuality.

Presumably one has to bend down to listen to the orifice from which Mr MacLochlainn is speaking.


PS As a part time photographer, I note in passing that the photo with the article appears to have been taken from the front page of the CofE website in violation of the terms of that site.

Does Pink News have permission, has it purchased the appropriate license, or is it denying a living to the photographer?

Anonymous said...

Why should Mr. MacLochlain be talking out of his arse in order to arrive at this conclusion?

Can one call a man who did not reportedly "shag any birds", or have a girlfriend, strictly heterosexual?

What difference does it make?

Perhaps he was a cross-dressing, gay-friendly, metrosexual groover. He did generally wear a dress. He was reportedly nice and loving to all the people he met. He was made flesh; I imagine with it came all the urges, and the precariousness of sexuality.

Maybe he explored to the hilt his earthly body, its orifices and a plethora of nerve endings - as any self-respecting, tripartite God would. I mean, who is going to tell him off for copping a feel?

I don't think it contravenes Christian doctrine to stick a few fingers up one's bottom, or indeed a handy nearby household implement?

Well, seeing as he didn't write the new testament / gospels, and his sexuality is ominously left undiscussed, we'll never know truly what he got up to.

However, from what is written about him, I think we can safely predict that if he was alive today he would NOT be joining in with all his nominal christian fascist buddies to spit and protest against a minority's right to party, be merry, and generally make love whilst hurting nobody.

Iain UK said...

'Jesus was gay' is comparable to Jesus was married to Mary of Magdelene and had kiddies whose line have survived today protected by a secret society of pagans wank-offs.

We simply have no idea as 'Jesus' sexuality, or eye colour, or favourite holiday destination (about as relevant and important to ones own humanity) are not mentioned in the only historical sources, the gospels. And I can't see anyone here giving a reasoned faithful and text-based discourse on sexuality any time soon.

This LBGT bloke (what all of them, at the same time?) is being deliberately offensive because he is either,

a bitch,

an idiot,

unqualified for his self-appointed leadership role.

Any whiff of 'messianic gay nutter' should be rightly attributed to himself. Clearly desperation for attention isn't exclusively a gay thing but is still present amongst the 'theatricals'.

jewboy 4 life said...

jesus called peter his rock 4 a reason.could keep it hard all nite long....