Wednesday, 8 August 2007

China bans TV fortune tellers

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It's not often you'll find me saying this, but perhaps the UK authorities should follow the lead of the Chinese government, who have just placed a ban on televised fortune telling hotlines, which urge superstitious viewers to text or call premium rate numbers to discover their futures.

Now that we've put a stop to Richard and Judy fleecing daytime TV audiences of their hard-earned cash and the Blue Peter presenters conning kids out of their pocket money, maybe it's time to stop the astrologers, tarot readers and the like exploiting the credulity of anyone daft enough to dial a premium rate number. Just imagine a world without Mystic Meg and Russell Grant...


Matt M said...

I don't think bans are the right way forward.

If people want to fleece the gullible then they should be allowed to - personal liberty and all that. Rather than use oppressive legislation, we should be aiming to improve the teaching of critical thinking and science so that people can make an informed choice about these things.

Banning fortune tellers, etc. isn't going to make people more rational, it's just going to limit our freedom.