Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Cartoon censored by major US newspaper

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A cartoon due to appear in Sunday's Washington Post and several other newspapers across America has been pulled after it was deemed offensive to Muslims. The cartoon, the latest installment of Berkeley Breathed's "Opus" series (follow link to see cartoon), features a regular character, known for converting to various spiritual fads, wearing a multi-coloured headscarf and explaining to her husband that she had become a radical Islamist. Editors were also concerned that the punchline's sexual innuendo could cause offence.

According to sources contacted by Fox News, the Washington Post pulled the cartoon after showing it to Muslim members of staff, who responded "emotionally" to the image of a woman in traditional Muslim dress expressing Islamist views.


Hugh Caldwell said...

Speaking of cartoonists, Khalil Bendib has enetered the US Presidential race as a mock candidate.


Hugh Caldwell said...

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Hugh Caldwell said...
Speaking of cartoonists, Khalil Bendib has entered the US Presidential race as a mock candidate.

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crystal said...

It is becoming ever more obvious that the press treats cartoons poking fun at Islam in a much different manner than those poking fun at any other religion. One might even say there is a double standard, and why not, since the media themselves acknowledge that it is true. Sources told FOXNews.com that the strips were shown to Muslim staffers at The Washington Post to gauge their reaction, and they responded emotionally to the depiction of a woman dressed in traditional Muslim garb and espousing conservative Islamic views.