Friday, 13 July 2007

Converts from Christ

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Replying to my previous post about all the wonderful people whom have been lost to the Lord recently, Laurence Boyce reminded me of a score for our side which I had completely forgotten. Jonathan Edwards- remember him? He was unique for so many reasons: a British athlete who was white, won medals and held world records and, ahem, was a devout Christian who refused to compete on a Sunday. He went on to present Songs of Praise, until suddenly resigning earlier this year. As Laurence reminds us, now his career in sport is over and he's had a moment to think about it all turns out, well, he doesn't really believe in God at all. He unloads it all in this great article in The Times. Choice quotes: “Once you start asking yourself questions like, ‘How do I really know there is a God?’ you are already on the path to unbelief” and

“If there is no God, does that mean that life has no purpose? Does it mean that personal existence ends at death? They are thoughts that do my head in." (Welcome to our world Jonathan, pull up a chair!)

His last words are priceless: "Just because something is unpalatable does not mean that it is not true.” Hossanah and amen to that. Laurence has written a great piece about Edwards on Facebook which, if you dare to risk signing up and being contacted by all the people you have spent most of your life avoiding, I urge you to read.


Laurence Boyce said...

Ah, so that's why you're being so tentative! Just take the plunge, you'll love it! And thanks for the plug!

NHEditor said...

What plunge Laurance? you mean not liking churches anymore or the plunge into not letting the fact there is no God do you head in? If the latter no worries, its just that the world does my head in, mainly down to what humans - those nebulous things to which I am strangely dedicated - seem capable of doing. hanks for reading...

Laurence Boyce said...

No dummy. Facebook! The reason that religious lunacy is sweeping the world like a virus, is because they're organised and we're not. We (secularists, humanists) need to get seriously organised and connected, and I reckon Facebook is as good a way as any. I know you've got an account, but you need to get a little busier. Do you know Terry Sanderson? He needs to be there too. Plus all of your mates. The fightback begins now!

Forgive my impatience and enjoy the weekend!