Monday, 30 July 2007

Catholic Church sends missionaries into cyberspace

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Online virtual reality game Second Life is set to be invaded by Catholic missionaries following instructions given in a Vatican-approved Jesuit journal. In an article in La Civiltà Cattolica, academic priest Father Antonio Spadaro urges the faithful to sign up for Second Life - a detailed virtual world where players create a digital version of themselves and lead a parallel existence - and carry out missionary work.

Apparently Second Life players allow their avatars (virtual selves) to get up to all sorts, including that great enemy of the Vatican - promiscuous sex. Therefore Father Spadaro advises that Catholics should travel through Second Life attempting to save the souls of anyone who may be allowing computer-generated pixelated characters to fornicate outside of digital wedlock. Other immoral acts being committed on Second Life include simulated gambling, cyber drinking and virtual drug-use, and the participants will all be the targets of the online missionary effort.


Laurence Boyce said...

Let's hope that sending Catholics into fantasy land will help them realise they already inhabit one.

Stephen said...

this is fantastic,, send them into harmless land where most all of their missionary efforts will be in vain