Tuesday, 23 January 2007

A book I really liked

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Since the whole point of a blog is to bang on about stuff to anyone who will listen I thought I'd tell you about a brilliant book I just read. It's called Karoo. It's a novel. It's about a man called Saul Karoo who is a very self-aware but dysfunctional alcoholic script doctor who dies in the end. It's by a man called Steve Tesich who, I believe, was a very self-aware alcoholic script writer who died before the novel came out. He wrote the script for The World According to Garp (a good movie) and Breaking Away (a brilliant movie). It originally came out in 1997 but it's being reissued in April by Vintage (I think because it didn't get the attention it deserved).

I've given it to Michael Bywater to review for the March issue of New Humanist. I hope he agrees with me that it's one of the great American comic novels (which as you know is the best kind of novel) right up there with Confederacy of Dunces and Portnoy's Complaint. You heard it here second (I presume someone else has said this all before somewhere).


Caspar said...

I quite agree. It is an excellent book. Clearly a very personal and self-aware story but no less funny as a result. Is this a reissue? I only stumbled across it by accident five or six years ago in a remainders shop so I'd have been sure it was out of print.